Q: When is the coldest time for Ha Long Bay?
Mid Dec to mid Feb when temperatures range from 14 to 21C (55 – 71F)

Q: When is the hottest time for Ha Long Bay?
Early May to mid  Aug when temperatures range from 31 to 38C (87 – 99F)

Q: Is it often windy in the Bay where we cruise around?
Actually no, the rock formations in Ha Long Bay work as wind-breakers

Q: Will the Junk’s cabin have air-conditioner or heater?
Absolutely yes, and the crew will instruct you how to use it

Q: When is the best season for cruise rates?
In the summer time, we run the Summer Deals which lasts from May to Sep, due to the low season for the inbound industry

Q: Is this common to get sea-sick out in the Bay?
No, once you cruise through plenty of mountain cliffs, the water is calm. You can wear a wrist-band just in case but may not be necessary

Q: What if the weather condition is not good and can’t cruise, will we be refunded?
If the notice of weather is given early, we will contact you to offer refund or alternative programs. If the notice is too urgent, any unused parts will be refunded accordingly.

Q: After the cruise in Ha Long Bay, we are not getting back to Hanoi but to the airport instead, can you drop us off at the airport?
If you are about to book a private car, then that is piece of cake. If you take shuttle bus option, check out with our cruise expert to have the best answer.

Q: How is the food in our cruise?
95% of our clients rated the meals as “superb”, most of the dishes are fresh local seafood. Travelers with special dietary needs should advise us at the time of booking so we can arrange for special meals

Q: Is there any one who speak English or some other languages onboard?
Sure, every Junk has an onboard guide who speak good English and some French. If other languages are required, please notify us prior to your cruise

Q: If my family needs an escort guide to take care of us the whole cruise, will your service be available?
Certainly, we will we provide you with an attentive guide, please contact our cruise experts

Q: Is medical emergency aid within reach during our cruise trip?
Yes, where you dock overnight is reachable by phone or cell phone and all Junks have speedy tenders that can get to the shore within 35 – 40 minutes

Q: How do we get to Ha Long Bay and how long does it take?
Car and mini van are the most popular means of transport and it generally takes 3 or 3 and half hours to get there from Hanoi

Q: What does single supp ( supplement ) mean?
The price is a twin-share basis for 2 people in a cabin. If you want to keep the cabin just for yourself, then you pay for the single supplement.

Q: 2 days or 3 days cruises? which one better for us?
It’s up to your time budget but typically the 2 days cruise is good enough. The 3 days cruise tends to be more for the sea-lovers or nature enthusiasts. In the winter months, we often suggest the 2 days 1 night cruises.

Q: Is kayaking activity built into the junk cruise program?
Some don’t include it but offer it as an optional. Some include a minimum amount of kayaking. Please inquire about more in-depth kayak itineraries with our cruise experts

Q: Is the ice (or ice-cubes) safe for our drinks?
Positive, clean and purified ice-cubes are always delivered onboard prior to your checking-in

Q: Will all the cruises take the credit card for our expenses on board?
Only the luxury cruises accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). While on board, cash is king

Q: Do I need to tip the crew?
That is a personal choice, depending on how satisfied you are with the services offered and how generous you are. If yes, we suggest tipping US $2 to $5 /person for the whole trip

Q: Should we lock our cabin while we are on the sundeck?
Though the crew is nice & friendly people, it’s better to always lock, just in case. Especially when you are in a shared-boat

Q: How funtional are the cabins on the junks?
They range from pretty good to excellent and compare to 3, 4 and 5 star hotels with different room types. All offer great bay views

Q: Can we carry our own wine or alcohol onboard?
Yes, the crew will happily provide glasses and an opener but a US$ 4 – 6/bottle service charge is applied

Q: Can we swim in the water and when?
Surely you can, usually before the sunset, check on board to get well prepared with your swimsuit

Q: Anything I should be aware of while at the floating villages around the Bay?
We suggest photo ops only. Do not buy the live seafood there as lots of scams may result in their deals

Q: Will we visit limestone caves during our cruises?
Usually, you will visit a cave up on the mountain, with quite a number of steps but hand-rails are provided

Q: If we travel with children, are extra-beds available?
Please advise our experts on the children’s age for a proper answer. Child under 5 always cruise at no charge

Q: When is the best time to see and cruise Ha Long Bay?
This last but most important question is abit hard to answer… Some claim the beauty of Ha Long Bay is just like Catherine Deneuve’s. Whether she’s in bad mood (rainy) or in her best moment (sunshine & blue sky), she is undeniably a beautiful woman. Beware of the first half of March as high potential for misty days is an annual occurrence

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