Tania and Jeff Nordstrom
Tania and Jeff Nordstrom
Los Angeles, CA

Exceptional planning, services and attention to detail

April 8, 2024

I came across Indochina Voyages during my research for our trip to Vietnam. As the reviews were excellent, I contacted them for help with an itinerary.

Minh returned my email query promptly. The itinerary he sent covered the specific sights we wanted to see, the level of accommodations we preferred, and the pace we wanted. It provided details on daily activities and travel times and links to hotels. I only had to make a couple of adjustments to a perfect itinerary. Minh’s communications covered absolutely everything from guidelines on how and when to fill out the visa form, what to pack, and the immunizations we’d need to other essential information like currency exchange, how much to tip, and the best places to order my custom leather jacket while in Hoi An!
The true value of partnering with Indochina Voyages comes through once you arrive. We don’t usually use a tour company, but a private tour appealed to us as this was our first trip to SE Asia.

Aside from having everything handled, our guides and drivers were wonderful. We learned a lot, ate exceptional food, and saw not just the key sights, but much of the countryside. Our guides were very organized – on our first packed day in Hanoi I mentioned that I wanted to experience the train that runs through the city street – so closely that you can touch it as it goes by. Our guide Dan said no problem and got us to a great viewing area about 5 minutes before the train came without disrupting our itinerary. It was great fun and after hearing how long other tourists had to sit around to wait for the train, I appreciated his savvy timing. In Hoi An, the purchase of our leather goods meant we had to use another duffle bag. When our guide Kent saw the additional bag on our way to the airport, he alerted us that Vietnam Airlines only allows 1 bag per passenger for domestic flights and we had three bags for two people. We were a bit panicked but he assured us he’d figure out a way to get the bags on the flight. It took a few minutes of discussion at check in, but the airline accepted the bag and all was well.

Minh checked on us throughout the trip but I also realized that he was regularly checking in with the guides and hotel staff as well, just to ensure all was going smoothly – which is was.

Lastly, I really appreciated the attention that was paid to hotel room selection. At each city, my husband and I looked at each other and said, our room is in the PERFECT location!

I can’t recommend Minh and Indochina Voyages highly enough!

Milan, Italy

My Return (Home) to Vietnam After 30 Years, An Unforgettable Journey

April 2, 2024

I never thought a journey could have such a profound impact on my life until I decided to reach out to Indochina Voyages to arrange my return to Vietnam after 30 long years of (forced) absence. I was just a child when I left my homeland, and since then, my Hmong family in Cao Bang has remained only a distant memory, almost a faded dream over time.

Indochina Voyages made possible what seemed impossible. Thanks to their tireless commitment and dedication, they managed to track down my family of origin, an encounter I thought unattainable and turned out to be one of the most emotional moments of my life.

I would like to express deep gratitude to the entire team at Indochina Voyages, especially to Minh, my exceptional travel planner, and Tuan, my guide and nowadays friend. His attention to my needs and understanding of Western customs made the whole process so smooth and seamless. Tuan was not only an interpreter but also a friend who guided me through such a delicate experience with kindness and patience.

The meeting with my family exceeded all expectations. The tears of joy and the love we shared are moments that will be etched in my memory forever. I owe all of this profound experience not only to my family in Italy but especially to my father, who accompanied me every step of the way. Indochina Voyages played an essential role in making this transformative journey possible.

If you’re considering embarking on an unforgettable journey in the heart of Vietnam, don’t hesitate to turn to Indochina Voyages. They are more than a travel agency; they are bearers of hope, connectors of hearts, and creators of indelible memories. Thank you again for making my dream possible.

Las Cruces, NM

Indochina Voyages Exceeded My Expectations

March 30, 2024

As a solo senior traveler, I was at first hesitant to travel for 30 plus hours by flight to Vietnam and toured with an unknown travel operator. I communicated with several Vietnamese tour consultants via Trip Advisor, but I finally settled on Indochina Voyages. It was the responsiveness, diligence, and the recommendations of Ms. Hue Nguyen that impressed me the most. My customized 14-day and 13-night private tour was everything I’d envisioned–from the airport pickup, the knowledgeable guides, the hotel selections, to the cultural and historical sites I visited. Trump Duc from Hanoi was a passionate and knowledgeable guide who went out of his way to find me the asthma inhalers I needed during my trip. Emma from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) was equally ardent about her country. She even volunteered to give me a wake-up call at 3 a.m. to ensure that I got to the airport in time to catch my flight. They truly want me to see their beloved country and enjoy their cuisine too. I was so enamored by these three ambassadors of Vietnam!

Jonathan M
Jonathan M
Summit, NJ

Fantastic Trip, Surpassed our Expectations

February 20, 2024

My husband and I (early 60’s) spent 3 weeks in Vietnam in November. We found Indochina Voyages by reading forums on tripadvisor, and saw they were highly rated. Nevertheless, it was a complete leap of faith for us to book our trip through them, and they far surpassed our expectations.

We contacted Minh and told him about ourselves, what we like, and a few places we thought we should see, and asked him to create an itinerary for us, with lots of activities (walking tours, food tours, some biking, some boating, museums, etc.) He sent a very detailed proposal and we proceeded to go back and forth with emails for about a month, until we felt we had a really good trip lined up, with lots of activities, but also some good relaxation built in (a necessity, especially after the very hot and humid days touring around.) At that point, we still had no idea how much the trip would cost, and were pleasantly surprised that even with staying at 4 and 5 star hotels, with a private guide and a private driver (do NOT plan to drive yourselves, there are thousands of locals on motorbikes and it’s extremely chaotic in the cities) the trip was quite reasonable.

Since my husband was scuba diving in Indonesia first, I planned to arrive in Hanoi a few days before him, so I could get over jetlag by the time he arrived. I’d never been to Asia and spoke not a word of Vietnamese, so was a bit nervous about arriving on my own. But, as promised, I was met at the airport by Snow, our private English speaking guide, (a lovely, knowledgeable, young woman and a delight to spend time with) and a driver, in a nice air conditioned SUV, replete with water bottles. I stayed at the Sinfonia del Rey solo, which was a lovely small hotel right in the heart of Hanoi’s old quarter, by the turtle lake. there After a few days of sightseeing with Snow, my husband arrived and we moved to the even nicer hotel, Peridot Grand, so we could experience a different part of the Old Quarter.

Every single one of the hotels that Minh chose for us was terrific — very comfortable, each more beautiful than the next, lovely staff, and really terrific food (breakfast was always included). We had been tempted to skip Halong Bay (it was a 3 -4 hour drive from Hanoi) but Minh insisted we should not miss it, and it ended up being one of the real highlights of the trip. We spent one night on a private junk (wooden boat) with a private chef, a captain, and an English speaking guide. Including the gourmet meals, the one night was about $700 and we are so glad Minh convinced us the splurge was worth it.

Minh also advised us to skip Sapa and to instead visit the less touristy Ninh Binh and Pu Luong, again excellent suggestions. And when we decided we did not want to visit Hoi An, since it was the height of rainy season there, Minh suggested we visit the island of Phu Quoc (we’d never heard of it) for some good weather and relaxation. The Salinda resort there was fantastic — gorgeous spacious room, lovely warm pool looking out over the ocean and the best breakfast spread we’ve ever seen. Plus good poolside restaurant for dinner and an excellent spa for massages.

In terms of practical advice: bring linen clothes, as cotton gets soaked and sweaty due to the humidity. Since my husband had a dive trip planned, we had to visit at that time of year, but if I return, we’ll try to go when it’s a bit cooler. Tell Minh what you like — we told him we’re not super early risers, and we don’t like to move hotels every night, we prefer to spend 2 -3 nights at each. We also don’t like to have every single minute of every day planned, so Minh built in plenty of time for us to explore on our own or chill at the hotel.

In conclusion: Minh was fantastic. When we decided during the trip that we didn’t want to do something, Minh came up with great alternatives. He also booked our internal flights and when the airline for one flight went bankrupt right before our trip, Minh quickly scrambled and booked another flight so our itinerary did not get messed up.He was communicative and available during the trip to make last minute changes, and could not have been more helpful or accomodating.

Kimberly Clouthier
Kimberly Clouthier
Sydney, Australia

Best Travel Agency EVER!

February 5, 2024

I have traveled to over 50 countries and the Indochina Travel Agency is the best, hands down that I have ever used. They worked with me to keep within our modest budget and it still felt like a luxury vacation.

The hotels they booked were top notch with wonderful breakfast buffets at every one. Their service is bespoke, with your private tour guide and driver for everywhere you go (if you want that). I would highly recommend it as the tours are unique, the guides are local and really know their stuff plus go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable, happy, and feel safe. It is more like visiting Vietnam with a friend who lives there.

They also booked all the internal flights (for much less than I could have) and our travel agent Van amazed us at every turn by being so responsive and proactive. Once when our flight was delayed (a very early morning trip that turned into a relaxing afternoon one) Van contacted us to let us know and rearranged the the pickups and check-outs so we could enjoy ourselves rather than be stressed out waiting at the airport. All before we woke up in the morning and without us even asking!

I usually don’t write reviews but these guys are so good they deserve it. Thank you Van, Jackie, and all the others for making our 3 week tour of Vietnam the most memorable, relaxing, and trouble-free vacation we have ever had. We will be contacting you again soon to arrange another tour to Myanmar or perhaps Thailand!


Unforgettable trip with Indochina Voyages

January 28, 2024

We have visited Vietnam and Cambodja for 12 days. I would estimate our leasure for 10 out of 10. Most important due to time difference and other factors we were totally out of the connection with our regular life and have got a lot of leasure and most important was being so much time together with our family. Both countries are totally safe to go , hotels that were provided to us by Inodchina Voyages were just wonderfull and we were sorry to leave part of them being their just 1 night. Our top locations for sightseeing were Halong bay – cruize with top food, Hue and Hoi An and separately everything we have seen in Cambodja. We are not funs of the big cities and Hanoi and Saigon have not impressed us that much. I would also reccomend before the trip to measure the level of disgust – visits to the local markets are not for the disgusting people . I would also would recommend to measure the level of readiness to intensive trip – the route we have chosen was quite intensive and my wife was sorry few time we have not taken few 1 days stop at wonderfull locations to get some more rest. Food was a big surprise for us – it is totally European oriented, there is a culture of cooking – a lot of local people are cooking themselves and level of the food we have recieved was really impressive including of course fresh fruits. Weather this period was so nice in most locations . People are very nice in both countries. We were able to afford ourselves to take personal trip – it is affordable in Vietnam . Indochina Voyages was on line with us in English from the first request really adopting all the trip to our needs . We were treated like kings bu the agency all our trip including meeting at the airport , always good minibus with the skilled drivers and very professional team of English speaking guides at every location we have went. Same during the trip , we are quite organized as a family , however all our request were met including time at Hoyan at the factory to sew wonderful dresses for my wife and daughters. We are very happy , definately will return second time to both Vietnam and Cambodja with the new route based on our first trip experience. Now we are planning other Asian countries to visit. Thanks a lot Indochina Voyages for the unforgettable trip !!!

Singapore, Singapore

Hanoi Halong Sapa

January 22, 2024

It was an amazing trip. The booking experience with Indochina Voyages was a breeze. The agent, An Hoang, was very helpful and made really good suggestions for the trip. All the hotels are pretty nice and well located too. Halong bay is definitely worth the visit. Very relaxing with good food and views on the cruise. Trekking in Sapa can be tiring, but we’ll do it again anytime. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much and booking through Indochina Voyages is highly recommended.


Dream Vietnam getaway! Trip of a lifetime.

January 7, 2024

VIETNAM! 🇻🇳💕✌🏽✨ Had the most amazing adventure touring this country with my family in October 2023. Started in the south and worked our way north. Party of 6 including kids and grandparents late 60s.

Indochina Voyages with the help of Minh Vu. He was excellent! Minh was easy to work with and adjusted our trip to accommodate delayed flights and rainy weather (multiple delays in fact). Without asking he provided refunds for what we missed. My husband didn’t have a single issue with his shellfish allergy the entire trip. Each local guide took such care of us and really got to know our family. We have kept in touch with some since returning home.

Our trip was classified as a classic tour combining history, culture and food! 16 day, 15 nights. 5* hotels, two in country flights (Vietnam airlines), sprinter-van style transportation, English speaking guides, tour tickets etc coverage and several days breakfast/lunch. More importantly peace of mind that each day was carefully crafted for our family. Flights to- from- country were not included in price above. 30% deposit (can pay w a card for a fee) and then remaining balance was due within maybe 2 weeks of trip.

HCM (1) – fly to Danang – drive and stay in Hoi An (3)- drive to Hue – stay in Hue (2) – fly to Hanoi (1) – drive to Ninh Binh (2) – Halong Bay overnight cruise (1) – Hanoi (2) – Home …we lost the first few days of the trip due mechanical plane cancellations at home.

– Travel backpacks w capsule wardrobe for the win! Around 20lbs and laundry at the hotels was super easy. Not for everyone, but kept us from packing too much.
– October : it was hot and humid in HCM city and super rainy in central Vietnam. North Vietnam was comfortable during our time upper 80s-ish. All the hotels we stayed at had nice big umbrellas for us to take w us and use during our stay. Private transportation and all hotels had air conditioning.
– Cash exchange at hotels/jewlery stores was easy and new $100 preferred. All hotels, big city restaurants took CC (especially visa and Mastercard…occasionally Amex)
– Tourist Visas requires. I applied and they were approved quick (?72 hrs). Minh will provide a credible link. You have to upload a passport style headshot. Probably best to apply once and get it approved to get comfortable w process and then apply for rest of party. Proofread everything to make sure it is correct. If you have to submit again, you have to pay again.
– I brought a folder w printed copies of all documents to have. Be prepared to show passports at all hotels and they check visas at airport.
– Travel clinic appointment: Fam needed typhoid and up to date tetanus. We also chose to get rabies vaccine (3 parts).

I will never forget this trip. I appreciated learning about the history and culture, I enjoyed interacting with the people and of course the food was delicious. Highly recommend.

Shailender Mehta
Shailender Mehta
Singapore, Singapore

Amazing 9-days tour to Vietnam and Cambodia – Thank you Indochina Voyages for Planning & Organizing this trip

January 2, 2024

Just back from my 9-days trip to Vietnam & Cambodia (23rd Dec – 31st Dec 2023 ).

The tour consultant from Indochina Voyages, Hue Nguyen helped plan and Organize a wonderful 9-days trip for me to Vietnam and Cambodia.

The tour that was put together for me was flawless and I was very well looked after right from the time I arrived in Hanoi (Day-1) till my last day in Phnom Penh,(Cambodia).

I had specific requests and made a lot of changes to my plan during the initial stages and Mrs Hue was able to accommodate all of them seamlessly without any issues.

This was also my first time booking with Indochina Voyages, so I was very skeptical at first.

But, I am glad I selected them to plan and book my trip and I absolutely loved the professional service from Indochina Voyages.


– The choice of hotels was excellent.

The hotel in Hanoi (near the Old Quarters), Hoi An & Siem Reap was the highlight.


– Ha Long Bay overnight cruise was absolutely stunning with breathtaking views.

The food and the activities onboard the ship was outstanding including the visit to the cave

– Highlight was my trip to Angkor Wat temple where the guide explained to me in detail about the temple, it’s importance in the past and the sculptures which depicts scenes from Indian epic – Ramayana & Mahabharata

– Visit the Angkor Wat temple early morning in Tuk-Tuk to see the sunrise.

– Visit to the Bana Hills in Hoi Ann

– Cycling trip to the Old Town in Hoi Ann in a rainy day

– Visit to the Royal Palace in Cambodia

– The Pub Street in Sieam Reap


– Both, the drivers and the guides throughout the trip were professional, polite and very helpful.
– They were always punctual and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

– I did learn a lot from all of them on this trip.

– They used to keep me well informed, prepare me for daily activities and also also provide insights into the life & culture of the locals

It was a wonderful 9-days trip for me with the best possible guides & the driver.

I will definitely recommend Indochina Voyages to all my friends & relatives planning a trip to South East Asia.

Thank you once again Indochina Voyages for making my holiday a success!!


For scaredy-cat travellers like us, using Indochina Voyages to organise everything was a blessing in disguise!

November 4, 2023

Everything from go to woe was organised promptly and professionally by Van, she was very prompt with any any queries we had before we left. Accommodations that were recommended to us were all stunning and Long our tour guide, was a wealth of knowledge and a very proud Vietnamese man. We were lucky enough to meet up with Van at Train St in Hanoi and saw the train which was a highlight for me. We chose the Dragons Pearl for our cruise of Halong Bay, only 20 people plus staff and the food was absolutely 5 star, it just kept coming! Cabins are small but very comfy. I will definitely use Van and Indochina Voyages when we return to explore central and South Vietnam.

Melbourne, Australia

Cultural Highlights of Vietnam

October 29, 2023

Our 14 day Vietnam Cultural Highlights trip was most enjoyable. My husband and I decided to go only a week before departure. Minh Vu was incredibly attentive and professional planning our tour and went over and above when it was touch and go as to whether our Visa would come through in time. He made contact via email throughout the trip to make sure everything was going smoothly.
We travelled with our own guide and driver which made the trip flexible and to suit our requirements. The guides had very good English and shared their great knowledge at all times along the journey.
Jayden, our guide in the south was so positive and enthusiastic given the grim history of the American war he shared with us through Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. We had our best bowl of Pho for the trip at a local restaurant he recommended.
Steve, our guide in Central Vietnam had an incredible knowledge about the Kings. The history was fascinating. He was very caring and attentive when our flight was delayed due to heavy rain. We had the best Bahn Mi of the trip from a street side shop in Hoi An bought by Steve.
Our third guide, Long, in the north was so interesting with his knowledge and explanations about places and history. He was flexible with our itinerary when we were delayed with no issues at all. He was chatty and friendly on our longer drives to Ninh Binh and Ha Long Bay. We loved our food tour through the old town of Hanoi with Long.
The highlights of our trip were:
1. Our cooking class at Jessica’s Kitchen in Hoi An.

2. The food and boat trip in Ha Long Bay with the spectacular surroundings

3. The row boat trip at Ninh Binh through the caves in such a magical setting.

The hotels chosen by Minh were all of an excellent standard and each one had its own special features.
The staff at Victoria in Hoi An, La Sinfonia in Hanoi and La Siesta in Ho Chi Minh were particularly friendly and attentive.
The Vietnamese people were so friendly and helpful everywhere we went and always had a smile.
We loved our trip and would highly recommend using Indochina Voyages for their level of professionalism and personal care and planning.

Atlanta, GA

An Incredible Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

August 7, 2023

We are a family of five with children ages 15, 18, & 20, and we recently returned from a 17-day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. We started planning this trip pre-Covid and were finally able to go this summer! After considerable research on places, travel agencies, etc. I decided to go with Indochina Voyages and am so glad that I did. I worked with Minh Vu to plan the trip and he was excellent. He considered all the information and preferences I requested and produced a trip that was exactly what we were looking for. We had incredible guides and drivers in each location. Always professional, on time, and knowledgeable about the people and locations.

Our first week was in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Halong Bay. We loved the northern area of Vietnam, and our guide Snow was exceptional! She had amazing recommendations, information, and took care of even the smallest of details before we thought to ask. A couple highlights from this area were the Hanoi markets, bicycling in the Ninh Binh area, climbing to the top of Dragon Mountain, the lotus flower fields, and of course our cruise in Halong Bay. Minh booked us with Indochina Junk, and we had a private overnight wooden junk boat cruise. It was so much fun, and we highly recommend it!

I also want to thank Minh and Snow for making our daughter’s 18th birthday so special. We arrived in Hanoi on her birthday and Snow greeted us with flowers and a basket of fruit. They also made sure the hotel was aware of her birthday and the hotel, The Oriental Jade Hotel, had a cake, flowers, and drinks prepared. I had not even mentioned it was her birthday, and they noticed from her passport that she was turning eighteen. This extra attention to detail is what made the trip even more memorable.

After Halong we flew to Hue and spent a couple of nights each in Hue and Hoi An. Our guide Steve did a wonderful job introducing us to both cities and was able to help us find exactly what we were looking for at the market. A highlight was the night market and lanterns in Hoi An. We then flew to Siem Reap and spent a few days exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Banteay Srei. Our guide Sarath was a knowledgeable historian and a great photographer as well. We learned a lot and were awed by all the temples. We stayed at Viroth’s Hotel while in Cambodia and loved the amazing service and terrific location. From Cambodia we flew to Ho Chi Minh and spent our last few days there exploring the city and visiting the Cu Chi historical district. Our guide Jayden was very flexible as we made some last-minute changes to the schedule. He had great energy and even took us to a favorite coffee shop which was a highlight.

It was a fantastic trip and we were amazed at how smoothly everything went. Minh kept in touch to make sure we were happy with how things were going along the way, and each guide was good at tailoring the day to our requests. We highly recommend Indochina Voyages!

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