Best foods in Halong, Vietnam

When you arrive in Quang Ninh, you can immersed in the natural scenery of Halong wonders, land Yen Tu, you can enjoy countless famous specialties. Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. Tien Yen chicken:

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh. From Halong, along Highway 18, 70km north opposite the town will meet Tien Yen. Here comes the chicken specialties renowned hill. Hill was called chicken by local breeds reared here transmission grazing life, everyday we “walked” on the hillside wandering to self feeding from the identical kind, crickets, ants, termites. Because things unique natural food that was sweet-scented chicken Tien Yen specifically, firm and still crispy, not chewy; fat but not immediately.

Tien Yen chicken
Tien Yen chicken
  1. Yen Tu apricot wine:

Go Yen, after enjoying spectacular scenery, poetic of non sacred place, you can enjoy a cup of wine constant wave yellow amber with warm flavors, yeast drunk ecstatic. Yen Tu wine sour apricots, sweet charming that visitors feel lightheaded euphoria. Halong bay tours Vietnam

Apricot wine
Apricot wine
  1. Ca Say:

Besides chicken hill, cakes nodded, Tien Yen also owns a production budget put the other is drying coffee. Coffee is drunk hybrid ducks geese, where little dry fish processing have great taste as the Tien Yen. Unclear what is style they do but eat and just admiring fine only. From meat to dry fish special sauce accompanied carries personal taste is hard to describe. Meat is delicious, fragrant, medium sauce with the sea charming, sweet and spicy sassafras hot day hot spicy ginger. The dot is so skeptical, skeptical to eat but still fragrant gull no cravings.

  1. Nem:

Nem materials are things affordable. Small cell pork skin was white as freight, or rice bean auditorium made of roasted and roasted peanuts stamping, all mixed together was threadbare. Simply that, but through secret processing, mix and sauce maker, rustic restaurant gift becomes exotic, fascinating. Rows of nem chua and special nem are the trip of the townspeople Quang Yen, Quang Ninh.

  1. Seafood noodle:

And many other raw materials such as sweet cabbage, shrimp peeled iron, shallots, scallions, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, broth is boiled bark surface water surface clean and filtered broth tubes, noodles surface surface brings flavor, tart, sweet stranger. But most striking of the noodle bowl on the substrate surface remains were processed meat somewhat tough to make and taste delicious, tasty.

  1. Cake:

With the main material as glutinous flour, brown sugar, ginger, through sophisticated processing stage, thorough, responsible resource pie cage so this cake is so tasty. Before eating, I have carefully sniffed the scent of ginger faint, sweet smell of candy from attractive morsel, then nervously biting into pie with a golden brown peanut and sesame layer on the surface.

I Love Vietnam.

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