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Despite of the limit of options for tourists, shopping in Halong Bay is still a fantastic experience. The experience of shopping in Halong Bay will help travelers to treasure their time in this beautiful coastal city even more. Well, if you do not enjoy these markets, a visit to Halong Bay travel cannot be completed.

  1. Halong Market
Halong market
market- source: internet

Located in the center area of Halong City, this new market in here, is reckoned as the Halong’s largest market and one of the most attractive places in the city for not only Vietnamese but also international tourists. Displayed and sold here are many kinds of products ranging from normal to luxurious goods with pretty competitive prices. Coming here, guests will easily find everything they want including: clothes, accessories and electrical devices. Also, food and drinks are sold in these small restaurants inside the market.

On the first floor, there are mother-of-pearl mosaic paintings, electronics, embroidered paintings, pearls and jewelries. On the second floor, you can find seafood, marine products, clothing and footwear. Halong market is an ideal destination for those wanting to buy some most featured specialties, including dried squid and seafood at reasonable prices.

  • Opening hours: 6:00AM – 6:30PM every day
  • Location: Bach Dang (Bạch Đằng) Street, Halong City
  1. Halong Night Market
Halong Night Market
Night Market- source: internet

If you want to enjoy diversifying experience of shopping in Halong Bay, Night Market is a big group of hundreds of stalls selling various kinds of products, including clothes, handicrafts, handmade accessories and other dispensable stuff like swimwear, hat or lotion, is another place to go. Travelers tend to visit this market to buy unique products of the coastal city such as T-shirt with beautiful images of Halong Bay painted on, wooden small boats, snails or necklaces made from seashells. Sellers here are very friendly and able to speak English pretty well making it easy for tourists to bargain, this is the great thing about this night market. You can even have a nice conversation with vendors about Halong City and its features. Dragon Pearl Junk

  • Opening hours: 6:00AM– 10:30 PM every day
  • Location: In the center area of this City and near the beach
  1. Bai Chay Commercial Center
Bai Chay Commercial Center
Bai Chay Commercial Center- source: internet

Built on the base of the minuscule market, Bai Chay Commercial Center, which is the most modern center for shopping in this coastal city, is another suggestion about shopping in Halong Bay. Here, the products on sale are diverse from popular to luxurious items with the prices seeming a little bit higher than the other markets. Nevertheless, as the customer service here is very good, it is still reasonable. Extra money is paid for ensured quality of products and more professional services.

It is about 600 meters between the night market and this shopping center. Having various goods, including shoes, clothes and other high quality products like Halong Pearl, coal souvenir items, wooden souvenir and crocodile leather, this shopping center is very popular among locals.

  • Opening hours: 6.00AM – 6:30 PM every day
  • Location: Vuon Dao (Vườn Đào) Street, Bai Chay Beach area
  1. Halong Floating Market

Halong floating market is located nearby cruise ships, wharf and in makeshift areas where sellers lash their boats together. Here, the waterborne convenience stores carry most fresh seafood and traditional fare. Most fruits available in Halong City are the most noticeable goods sold here. It is the market’s interesting form that surprises most travelers. In spite of the higher price, the unique experience purchasing traditional stuff from this type of shop is usually worth the additional cost.

  1. Nearby Market
Mong Cai Market
Mong Cai Market- source: internet

Make sure to visit Mong Cai Market, which is popular for sightseeing and buying fruits, fabrics, clothes along with high tech products during your Halong Bay trip.

Unlike the other markets, Binh Lieu (Bình Liêu) Market, which is the gathering place of vendors from ethnic groups, such as Dao (Dao), Tay (Tày) and San Chi (Sán Chỉ), is located on the highlands of Quang Ninh (Quảng Ninh) province. Here, travelers can easily find agricultural products as major trading goods, including rice, anise, oils of cinnamon and especially forest honey. The most interesting thing here is that until the final prices are precisely as what they expected in advance will vendors not sell their products.

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