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Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for tourists traveling on a budget. Although you can enjoy royal vacation in Vietnam, it does not mean that you cannot travel on tight budget. The cheapest way to travel in Vietnam is know how and where to haggle. Indochina travel Vietnam

Banh mi
Banh mi

Food in Vietnam is relatively cheap especially when you eat street food offered by street vendors or in these small food stalls. Avoid large and luxurious restaurants because tourists are their major targets. To fulfill your stomach, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) is the cheapest meal. They are filling, tasty but not fussed. Com binh dan – a type of street food locally known as buffet at cheap price is another budget food option. With less than 50.000VND you can have vigorous and authentic Vietnamese meals, hot bowl of pho, a cold glass of Vietnamese iced coffee or fresh fruits at the local markets. For cheap international eaters, the backpacker’s areas of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi capital are the best choice. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to enjoy a wide range of no – disturb basic international meals at very low price. Travel to Vietnam

Com bui
Com bui

Transportation in Vietnam is also what you need to pay attention to. As we know, traveling by planes costs much more than public transportation like buses and trains but if you are in a hurry and want to save more time to discover this beautiful country, plane is the best option for you. For those who have more time traveling around by public means of transportation, open tour buses are an excellent way to go from one destination to another. Open tour buses are those operate independent of an organized tour. Therefore, it is the cheapest way to travel long distances in Vietnam. For long voyages, train is also a popular means of transportation. Vietnam rail often operates the majority of cars on one train but many other private companies operate tourist cars on the same train. To save money as well as a night’s accommodation, you can travel on night buses or trains.

Xe om
Xe om

While being in the city, a wide option of transportation is offered including city bus, xe om (motorbike taxi) and taxi. Thanks to its cheapest fee, city bus is the most popular choice but you can also have trouble getting access to some certain remote areas. Taxi fare in the city is relatively high and can add up so fast. A more practical and economical alternative is xe om (hug taxi). You can easily identify a xe om. They wait on their motorbike on the corners looking to give a lift to the tourists. You will have to haggle with them for suitable price. Of course the amount of money you have to pay is based on the distance you will travel.

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