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Cost of living in Hanoi is quite high compared to other places in Vietnam. So, if you are intending to live in Hanoi for a long, you should learn carefully and choose suitable accommodation for the best life.

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Hanoi is not only important to the headquarters of our country but also is home to many beautiful landscapes along with the historical sites go into his heart. Join us to explore the interesting things in Hanoi. Travel Indochina Vietnam

In HCM City, the price of sugar cane is 2,500 VND, 15,000 VND for rice, fruits only a few thousand dong/ kg. However, in Hanoi, the segment expensive items than 2 or even 5 times.

According to the cost of living index in space (SCOLI) by the General Statistics Office announced, Hanoi arrived with the most expensive price in the country for 2012-2014. Volatility cost of living is between regions and localities of Hanoi HCMC 6-22 % higher.

For those who have experienced the cost of living in the two cities, the resulting is not strange, because they know the general price level in the two provinces. A cup of coffee in Hanoi has affordable prices but in HCM City is about 20,000 – 7,000 – 10,000 VND.

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However, in Hanoi, excluding the central district that “levelized” prices both in the coastal districts, the service is also not too expensive. Song factors are emphasized as the price difference between the central district and suburban, sometimes up to 2-3 times. North Vietnam travel

Pho has high price
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The quality of dining in Hanoi were higher than other cities , delicious food , taste traditional is what remains in the tourists as well as those who want to live in Hanoi.

Population density is very crowded, traffic large vehicles that Hanoi facing air pollution situation, especially when the humidity increases. However, the city still has the open area, such as the lake of fresh, green parks scattered everywhere. Trees on many roads are cared for, beautiful, homes interspersed with unique architecture creates the classic space very impressive.

You will want to know the cost of living in Hanoi and the lifestyle in this city. The difference in the lifestyle of Saigon and Hanoi, the first to mention is probably the way to greet the morning people of the two cities. Café breakfast in a corner of the city, read a few newspapers to catch the news before the office hours to greet the day is probably a lot of people new to Saigon. Black coffee cup stone or “bac xiu” (café with lot of milk) is almost indispensable drinks with Saigon. Also in Hanoi, new day seems to start a bit earlier, because people often experience Hanoi with morning exercise, breathe fresh air board soon.

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Everytime in here is a vibrant city and bustling Hanoi but the night was the complete opposite picture. The daytime streets of the colorful shops are replaced by the silent, the noisy center also seems to put on a rare calm. Visitors can along the streets, walking along places that previously still busy to enjoy another dimension of Hanoi.

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