Discover Dragon Eyes Island, new attraction in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is very much beautiful unspoiled destination attraction that many people can discover all rolled his eyes like a dragon, a great list unspoiled landscapes and amazing natural that anyone who had the opportunity to visit Halong Bay within 1 day will want to explore and experience. If you find a private space for the holiday weekend, Dragon Eyes Island is a great choice. Travel Indochina

Dragon Eyes Island from high view
Dragon Eyes Island from high view – source:

Dragon Eyes Island folk name that refers to the island many Bai Dong, an island located in the south of Ha Long Bay, near the sea area adjacent to Lan Ha Bay. Especially as the island has never been tourism development should still remain pristine looks that made her. Island from above looking down at the dragon’s eyes are surrounded by two large rock blocks and powdery white sand beach stretches. It has a natural white sand beaches, stretching 3 to 4 hundred meters and especially with its unique scenery gorgeous circular farm located in the heart of the mountain. That is why there are islands East Bai people each transmission network on the island this exciting Dragon Eyes Island.

Wonderful water and landscape inside Dragon Eyes Island
Wonderful water and landscape inside Dragon Eyes Island – source:

Yeah outside observer, Bai Dong bow shape, shielded by two large rocks make up the island of calm waters, gentle. East Bai flora, rich floral, green, running along the beach and on the cliffs. The main emphasis of the island’s main Dragon Eyes water farm acres located between the rocks and the dense primeval forests. Colors like sapphire blue water make it the country’s farm stands out compared to the thousands of different islands of Halong Bay. Halong bay cruise Vietnam

Unspoiled nature in Dragon Eyes Islands
Unspoiled nature in Dragon Eyes Islands – source:

Future Dragon Eyes Islands will be exploiting ecotourism combined with sports activities such as sea kayaking, flying boats, pontoon boats, camping, barbecue… it’s limitations on the island has no fresh water and sanitation issues, usually those visiting here have to bring all the food, drinks and clean up garbage brought. It is pristine, wild and somewhat lacking as it urged those who love backpack go exploring this beautiful island.

Go to Dragon Eyes Islands by boat
Go to Dragon Eyes Islands by boat – source:

Dragon Eye island to point out, you just go from port or Ben Doan, Bai Chay boat, train times range from 2 to 2.5 hours and the price of 30,000 VND / person. On the island there is the operator and reception unit serving the needs of travelers.

If one was coming here definitely go backpack believers would not surprised, astonished at the beauty and pristine impression that the island offers.

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