Enjoy street food in Vietnam – Banh mi kep thit

Vietnamese sandwich is familiar sidewalk dish of the people in Vietnam that appeared several times on the international tourist sites and was voted one of the best street food in the world.

When we mention about banh mi kep thit we can’t not mention “Banh mi Pho Hue”. “Banh mi Pho Hue” is named street located. This bakery has been there since 1974. It is very crowded and will close as soon as bread sold out. Indochina travel Vietnam

Vietnamese sandwich in Pho Hue street
Vietnamese sandwich in Pho Hue street


Vietnamese sandwich is combination of pork, pate and vegetables (such as carrot, coriander, cucumber) all are put into loaf crispy crust soft gut. The Regional Differences Vietnam also makes bread in each place is a bit different. Occasionally the intestine will have more bacon, sausages or other vegetables.

“Banh mi kep thit” (Vietnamese sandwich)
“Banh mi kep thit” (Vietnamese sandwich)


Vietnamese sandwich is considered the interface culture and cuisine. It contains flair of the East and the West. This dish started to appear from the French colonial in the period time. Meanwhile, the French in Vietnam simply put pate and butter on the bread. Then in 1954, the Vietnam forced the French to withdraw from the country, they gave particular variant of bread, add pork, herbs and cucumbers , make bread flavor of Vietnam.

The world does not know about the existence of this kind of bread, until the Vietnam War ended in 1975. Many people in southern Vietnam emigrated to America, Europe and Australia, brings with him the of breads formula unique. This explains when you eat bread overseas, often bigger bread has lots of vegetables, herbs and chili flavor influenced by the South. North Vietnam travel tours

Enjoy the taste of Vietnamese sandwich (“banh mi kep thit”):

When you open the bread, you will see inside including sliced ​​pork, pate , five-spice powder and butter . Above is a spicy meat sauce layer

When you put the bread on a bite, it was immediately fascinated. This loaf is a real difference. Crispness of bread perfect match with the taste of meat and spices

“Banh mi kep thit” with pork, some herbs, cucumbers, a little pepper
Banh mi kep thit with pork, some herbs, cucumbers, a little pepper

But everything inside the loaf of bread has its role: shrimp help absorb sauces, pates and humidity make the bread is baked enough bread crispy help soften the weather not much moisture as Vietnam.

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