How to fishing in Halong Bay

This is where the famous traditional three villages were created in the early nineteenth century. these communities is to include 400 households, about 1,700 people, who live on the boats and wooden houses floating in the Halong Bay area. Their own life is fishing and aquaculture.Halong Bay Jasmine cruise has many species of fish, anglers fish or fish sentence Even so, grouper, grouper, fishing …

Fishing on Halong Bay
Fishing on Halong Bay- source: internet

Speaking through it seems easy to play but to sentence grouper, fish chap who must have experienced the awkward right choice, flow, understand the country, features, aquifers, “hours” to find bait fish. For grouper, the bait can dìa by thick cake, shrimp, lean legs.

Sea Fishing
Sea Fishing -source: internet

However, the question must also have a little “knowledge”, such the discus must choose when you stand or near standing water (as is now going to eat fish), the bait to drop about 30cm from the surface, the need is startled even blink; grouper with hand feeling is very important because often when they bite or pull on the rocks, is susceptible to loss of fish and hook …

Listen to the advice of experienced people like Captain.

Fishing on the coast

This is the type of sentences easily and costly support costs, the need to Prime or sentence in the left long beach. It’s important when fishing on the coast is that you need to know the location of the depth of the dump because of this deep in the fish or standing gathered many to feed. The sentences have the experience often look at the waves roll up to know where is the deepest point of the beach to the sea trùn in the tongue you should have pierced through the sea worm to trùn then you can kick on the tongue.

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Fishing on the coast
Fishing on the coast – source: internet

Fishing on the cliffs

Rock Rapids sentences difficult to stand but easy more sentences on the beach because you easily drop the bait in the fish are more than location. In the Rocky Rapids lined grouper, snapper species, fish platters, … This fish often ravenous in the middle and at the bottom there is the fish song…. The species of fish live in the bottom often high settlement rarely they migrate to the remaining areas in the floor between the fish often migrate seasonally.

Fishing on the cliffs
Fishing on the cliffs -source: internet

Because there are two kinds of fish in the middle and bottom layer should also have two types of sentences is the float and the float does not usually need to prepare rapids sentence pretty much map because there is high risk because of the water column up and down waves suddenly, years that someone killed by the waves washed into the sea. So you need to prepare a buoy, the best anti-slip shoe soles with nails kind to move between the boulders. And you should also prepare for the unfortunate long coil huge wave swept timely waist to not be swept away status.

Sea fishing on a boat in Halong

Is a fishing boat to sea advantage you can catch a lot of fish, big, really feel that this is a war.

Sea fishing on a boat in Halong
Sea fishing on a boat in Halong -source: internet

Usually people in two types of:

Type 1: a lot of people, a lot of people on the same boat fishing.

Type 2: the story of hiring a ship.

A fisherman on board a few days and a few weeks to fish boats should pay attention to many of the problems are very bad analysis.

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