Motorbike lifestyle in Vietnamese

What have you know about Vietnam apart from the tourist attractions? Have you heard about ‘motorbike lifestyle’ in Vietnam? Living style is one of the very interesting things to discover. Vietnam may be a total new world to some tourist. That’s why something they consider ‘normal’ can attract you a lot. Indochina travel Vietnam

Here are some interesting photos and explanation regarding Vietnamese living style and perspective. Take a look at the photos and read the explanation to understand why they do such strange habit.

  1. Crazy motorbike traffic

Motorbike, scooter or whatever you call it, the thing you see in the picture is the main transportation way of Vietnamese. Have not seen that number scooters at the same time in your life? Well, in Vietnam, they can do that because the following reasons.

(1) The weather allows. It is neither too hot like dissert nor too cold that snow falls. It is acceptable to enjoying the outside-a-car weather.

(2) The motorbike cost is achievable. Vietnamese is a low-middle income country. Motorbikes offer them affordable price. Especially when a car cost 3 times as it does in western countries due to the tax.

(3) Parking is convenient. With narrow road everywhere and rare area to park, it’s not a good idea to driving a car and spends hours to find the parking place.

That’s why almost every adult owns a motorbike.

Almost every adult owns a motorbike in Vietnam
Almost every adult owns a motorbike in Vietnam – source:
  1. Everyone wears ‘sun-coat’

Like raincoat is to wear when it’s rain, ‘sun-coat’ is to wear when it’s sunny. It’s quite interesting to see almost everyone in the road cover their whole body as much as they can. Especially women, they wear the sun-coat, face mask and sunglasses to protect their skin whenever they go out. Tours in Vietnam

Do you know why? Vietnamese in particular and Asian in general consider white skin to be more beautiful. But the tropical weather does not support them. And as mentioned above, the way they have to transport sucks: mostly Vietnamese use motorbike to move around. Surely they need a protection kit when riding a motorbike under hot weather to have white skin.

Even a dog may have a sun-coat in Vietnam
Even a dog may have a sun-coat in Vietnam – source:
  1. Transporting

As explained before, motorbike is the most convenient way to move around, it becomes the most convenient way to transport things. Well, look at the photos, the two men is not very convenient but I bet they consider it is the best choice for them economically speaking. They may own potentials for skillful racer, do you agree?

Although Vietnamese consider the most convenient way to transport things in Vietnam is motorbike, the two men does look very convenient.

A picture paints a thousand words but you cannot fully feel it when you see with your naked eyes.  The real experience is that jump on one motorbike and ride your own. To have all such interesting experience, all you have to do is come to Vietnam and rent one. You will surely discover more interesting things besides these photos.

Travel lovers.

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