Quan Lan Island’s primitive beauty

Located in the largest island on the poetic Bai Tu Long Bay stretching on a total area of 11 square km, Quan Lan Island will bring you memorable moments when lying on the sand, breathing the fresh air and admiring spectacular sceneries. It makes your very peaceful soul after all the worries and chaos of everyday life. Especially, you have chance to enjoy the high quality seafood such as squids, butterfish, mackerel, prawn, sea cucumber, etc. The delicious cuisine of Halong you can find right at Quan Lan beach. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Quan Lan Island’s primitive beauty
Quan Lan Island’s primitive beauty

Quan Lan has 3 main beaches with so many shops and cheaps hotels attracting thousands of tourists to visit every year. About 4 km from Quan Lan beach which is the most beautiful of 2 beaches, you will come to Son Hao beach and 10km more to Minh Chau beach. Like other beaches of Halong, all 3 beaches have white sand and feature pristine beauty. Halong bay travel Vietnam

Stretching white sand of Quan Lan beach
Stretching white sand of Quan Lan beach

Evening in Quan Lan has a special atmosphere. You can sit on the beach, camfire and enjoy barbecue with grilled seafood dishes. In the morning, you can catch the sunrise moment on the island, indulge yourself in peaceful and poetic space and hear the waves slapping smoothly. All touch your soul and make your best spirit.

Perhaps it is the natural beauty of calm and quiet here that makes anyone exciting and attractive when travelling to this place. If never visit Quan Lan, try once time coming to this place to enjoy the beauty of one of the most incredible tourist attractions of Halong bay.

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