Things to do at night in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong is a famous place that a lot of visitors love. Halong is voted for natural heritage of the World by UNESCO. Halong is known for beautiful scenery, fresh seafood and have some local specialities. The tourist when coming to Halong bay has a chance to enjoy the night atmosphere in here. There are some activities for you to enjoy at night in Halong bay

  1. Tasting seafood at night:

Compared to many tourist sites in the North Sea, the Halong seafood has become the brand. Grilled squid, fried sweet and sour spicy snails, squid as food is always topped the list of a la carte menu while in Halong. Besides the crab and surface appearance, snout, fish, squid … the weird names like tickle ears but eye-catching period, substrate surface, devotees, sea sam make anyone come here also expect a times are tasted. Halong bay tours Vietnam

Seafood at night
Seafood at night

With visitors stay longer in Halong, you have a chance for selection of seafood feasts point here is therefore also richer. You can eat after bathing in the restaurants around the Bai Chay tourist center if afraid to go away. However, prices here belong to the most expensive because of the location ‘facade’ in tourist areas. If you want to enjoy the fresh taste of crab, crab fat as he stepped ashore, please be sure to ask the price before ordering.

About 800m central beach area Dao Garden, it focused midrange hotel restaurant that many travel groups choose when to Bai Chay. If you stay here, just walking down the street is able to enjoy seafood in the restaurants next door. However, due close to downtown so the price here is still quite high. Indochina tours Vietnam

For those travelers who travel Halong at obvious time, they often look to the seafood restaurant across town. That’s sidewalk cafes on coastal embankments in the area of ​​Ben Doan, Bai Chay by about one kilometer. From far away you can smell the fragrance nose tingle of oysters, clams, snails baked. Call sip a beer and oyster plate with baked milk, will not have anything more wonderful when you enjoy the salty sea in windy bouts. Rustic style at affordable prices is a plus that many whisper travelers to this place.

  1. Night market:

Very close to the Royal International Park and Bai Chay ferry passing Cua Luc River , Halong Night Market is began waiting since 6 pm meeting . When the sun sets last red rays of the day down at the beach city is also the salesperson has finished cleaning up their shops and open sale. The products at Halong night market mainly souvenirs sea flavor and all kinds of seafood rarest sea in this country.

Night market
Night market

Travelers come to Halong night market has both domestic tourists and foreigners. Foreign tourists mostly Asia like Thailand , China , Europe such as the Netherlands, France, England, … They rather enjoy the scenery before bustling night market, with fresh seafood dishes also the processed food is simple but tasty. And there have another attractive thing in Halong that you should not indispensable.

Souvenir shop
Souvenir shop

Are you ready to explore the night in Halong Bay?

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