Things to do in Vietnam while you are still in your 20s

Having more things to discover than only these world-renowned natural heritages, Vietnam is an ideal destination for everyone. Especially for those who are in 20s, Vietnam is a dreamlike land offering them all they can expect. Indochina travel

  1. Take a backroads motorbike trip
Go to Vietnam when you are still young
Go to Vietnam when you are still young – source:

When a tourist or a foreigner tells you that they have taken a motorbike trip up or down Vietnam, most of the time they are meaning taking Highway 1 (also known as AH1) along the coast. It is the only main highway connecting all the big cities, therefore, it makes sense. But going on AH1 also means you will just be stereotyped like a sardine, admiring these magnificent views you have of a not perfect backend the full time.

There are also many backroads that curse all the way along the length of Vietnam but they are more insecure, distant, challenging, and certainly worthwhile. Deal that collective experience for ancient bridges made out of fallen branches, “payment stands” managed by seven-person villages, and miry, dusty orange footpaths impersonating as “roads” on your atlas that even bring your 1967 Honda a run for its money.

  1. Get drunk on a plastic stool surrounded by cockroaches
Drink beer in Vietnam
Drink beer in Vietnam – source:

If you have done primary research on Vietnam or even just surfed through images on Google, you are probably accustomed to the scene: stockpiles of tourists, foreigners as well as locals on red plastic, playset-like stools standing along the border of the road, throwing back beer after beer and more. They call it bia hơis which are served cool, weak at not expensive price (only cents on the dollar). Tours in Vietnam

If you’d like, getting more recognizable beer is certainly possible. But no matter what you are drinking ranging from Red Saigon, ba-ba-ba to the local water, consider yourself hazed. Let the young girls approach you to bring more ice in your glass as the sweat drips from your front, and take wagers on the cockroaches running around on your feet. Always betting on the fattest one is the rule one. And do not forget that talking loudly “Một, hai, ba, yo!” is the best way to cheer with at least one group of drunken locals.

  1. Experience it now before it goes away
Experience Vietnam now before it goes away
Experience Vietnam now before it goes away – source:

Many years ago, coming to the beautiful Vietnam you can see a large number of bicycles and mom-and-pop phở stands, but that way of life is gradually getting replaced by luxury cars and KFC stalls. Starbucks and McDonald’s are also now on the scene and bia hơis are losing out to tawdry beer clubs that come perfect with bathrooms that double as misconception. While traces of the culture will always subsist and smaller towns are grasping tight, the experience you have had in your head is gradually becoming the stuff of many generations ago. If Vietnam is on your destination list, plan your trip here as soon as possible. You will definitely be glad you did.

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