Top deluxe cruise in Halong

  1. Star Light Yacht (Standard service 05 stars):

Star Light Yacht technology is designed in double hull double from the bottom, provides absolute safety for those who are worried about the journey on its bay and above all with exquisite design and luxury makes Guests can feel like a luxury hotel in Halong Bay with 32 luxurious rooms. All rooms are designed in sync, luxury in which the most striking is that all rooms have a Jacuzzi installed double Jacuzzi, where guests can relax just been said, gently massage the skin, has been enjoying bay if the curtain lifted from the Jacuzzi bath …

Star Light cruise
Starlight cruise

– Itinerary: 02 days – 01 nights or 03 days – 02 nights

– Point: Grand Theatre (daily at 08h15)

– Type steel hulled boat with 32 separate rooms (stylish design ships: Modern, luxurious bathrooms with Jacuzzi Luxury)

– Prices refer boat cruise for 02 days – 01 nights is: 3,300,000 VND / person 01 to 02 day itinerary – 01 nights.

  1. Pleasure Emeraude (Standard service 05 stars):

Emeraude Yacht is the only yacht in Ha Long Bay management and transport of goods by a French company, so from the architectural style, service style will bring a bit of French instruction. It has been put into operation since 2003 has become the pride of the scenic Halong Bay. Steel yacht is the first in Halong with the shape of an ancient ship steam west, has 3 floors with 37 luxurious cabins, can accommodate 74 passengers with excellent service and to first class is like a 5 star hotel on the sea excursions. On board there are services such as massage, kayaking, morning Tai Chi, cooking … Halong bay cruise

Pleasure Emeraude
Pleasure Emeraude

– Type steel boat with 37 separate rooms (stylish design ships: Modern, Luxury)

– Prices refer boat cruise for 02 days – 01 nights is: 2,800,000 VND / 01 person (if away from: 01/05 – 31/09, the price will be only: 2,500,000 VND/ 01).

  1. Paradise Luxury Yachts (05 star service standards):

We can say with a wooden boat shape reminds you of the image of the yacht stock with modern furniture – luxury yacht Paradise Luxury is always considered as one of the most luxurious yachts of Halong Bay …. On the yacht you also experience the memorable moments, enjoy a wealth of beautiful views, mystical Halong Bay. Café and restaurant luxury of Paradise Luxury is a favorite spot of many tourists. Besides, there is the charm of Spa area with Jacuzzi, sauna and massage. We can say all the debates and comparisons are meaningless before a 5-star Paradise Yacht difference in class compared to other fleets. With such luxurious service, the price of the yacht is always worth discussing matters most. (You go in the period: 01/05 – 31/09, there is generally a lot cheaper than stage: 01/10 – 30/04 years).

– Type of wood boat with 17 separate rooms (stylish design ships: Modern, Luxury)

– Prices refer boat: 5,700,000 VND / 01 (lower summer price: 3,500,000 VND / 01). If you want to take the program 03 days, the price will double the price of 02 days – 01 nights.

Paradise Luxury cruise
Paradise Luxury cruise

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