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  1. Calypso Yacht (04 star service standards):

Yacht Calypso is designed with a cozy little space for visitors who want to escape from the everyday noise to find and enjoy the peaceful floating on Halong Bay. Experience the amazing scenery of Halong Bay and Yacht Calypso – Goddess of the sea, will surely give you unforgettable memories. With its luxurious interior, comfortable rooms and excellent service, overnight on yacht Calypso, you not only get a very personal feel to Halong Bay where you will have the opportunity to participate in many activities extremely interesting as karaoke, fishing, squid fishing at night and kayaking.

 – Type of wood boat with 12 separate rooms (stylish design ship: Classical modern combined).

 – Prices refer boat: 2,900,000 VND / 01 (If you go in time: 01/05 – 30/10, the only price: 2,500,000 VND / 01 adults).

Calyso cruise
Calyso cruise
  1. Paloma Yacht (04 star service standards):
Paloma cruise
Paloma cruise

Yacht Paloma was designed as a symbol of the bay, with elegant appearance, large sundeck modern furniture will bring comfort to each trip. Paloma yacht is designed in classic Chinese style mystery luxurious 20 bedroom 4 star standard, a bar with soft seating and plasma TV, 02 large playground, restaurant, spa high pair. The glamor and sophistication of the yacht Paloma, along with a staff of 20 people of openness, passion for bringing guests feel comfortable, cozy, comfortable being in the same house his beloved in the day explore heritage Halong Bay. Halong bay cruise Vietnam

 – Type of wood boat with 12 separate rooms (stylish design ship: Classical modern combined)

 – Prices refer boat: 3,300,000 VND / 01 (If you go in time: 01/05 – 30/10, the only price: 2,700,000 VND / 01 adults).

  1. V’Spirit Yacht (03 star service standards good):

“V’Spirit” means “Soul of Vietnam” and target our help to fully experience the soul of Vietnam in everyday life … Yacht V’Spirit will in turn bring tourists his dear guests experience what is considered “Vietnamese Soul” From the prepared meal, layout and material nature to experience Vietnam net of fishermen living on Vung Vieng fishing village – largest fishing village in Ha Long, here you have the opportunity to discover the ancient traditions of the Vietnamese people in general and northern residents in particular Vung Vieng fishing village …

 – Type of wood boat with 07-16 separate rooms (stylish design ship: Classical modern combined).

V'Spirit cruise
V’Spirit cruise

 – Prices refer boat: 2,700,000 VND / 01 (If you go in time: 01/05 – 30/10, the only price: 2,400,000 VND / 01 adults).

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