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Co To is a large archipelago located in Quang Ninh province. It is pproximately 22km far from the coast. To go to the island, you have only one choice that is going by boat from Van Don to Cua Ong. Coming to Co To, you will enjoy the beaches with white sand, seeing sunset slowly diving on the sea. The following article will provide you sufficient information for how to travel Co To from Hanoi.

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The schedule to go to Co To from Hanoi

The romantic beauty of Co To island
The romantic beauty of Co To island-source:

Day 1: Travel Hanoi to Quang Ninh

From Hanoi, there are many coaches that can help you travel Halong, Cua Ong, Mong Cai in Quang Ninh province. You will have to stay overnight in Van Don to the early next morning to catch the train to go Coto. Time needed for traveling from Hanoi to Cua Ong is about 5 hours.

When you come to the intersection of Van Don, you would have to get off and then take a taxi or motorcycle taxi to Cai Rong port. You will stay here for one night. Otherwise, if you are traveling by bus to Halong, you can take the bus from Ha Long to Van Don as it is cost saving.

Traveling Co To by vessels - the only way to reach the destination
Traveling Co To by vessels – the only way to reach the destination-source:

Day 2: Traveling Quang Ninh to Co To by vessels

There are two high-speed vessels in Co To, which are no.10 and no.11. The no.10 is better than the other as it has two floors.  These vessels depart at  in Cai Rong – Van Don port. It takes about 3 hours to go to Co To by this mean of transport. If you want carry your motorbike with you to the island then the fare is 120.000 VND/motorbike.

Bien Dong 2 vessel departs from Cai Rong Terminal at 6:30 am each Monday and arrives in Co To at (nearly 2 hours faster than normal vessels). It will stop at Co To and then continue the schedule to go to Tran island. The vessel comes back to the mainland on Friday at 5pm.

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Attractions in Co To

Hong Van beach (also known as Hom Trinh Sat): beautiful and quiet beaches with no waves.

Co To island - the heaven in real life
Co To island – the heaven in real life-source:

Nam Cay beach: the longest beach that can be seen from offshore. On this beach, you can hold many interesting activities such as campfire or just simply walking on the white sand. This is the closest beach, 200m from the center of the island.

Hong Van beach in Co To island
Hong Van beach in Co To island-source:

Co To lighthouse is the place where you can enjoy panoramic Co To landscape. Road to the lighthouse is a little bit hard for people to travel due to its slope and narrow. In return you will have the sense of adventure and romance that is really interesting.

Co To Con owns the most beautiful beaches in the whole Co To archipelago. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Co To, try to go the extra half hour train to admire these beaches. You can spend 2 days in Co To enjoying all the interesting things. Staying a night in Co To, you can have a campfire with a small grilled seafood party that will bring chances for member to sit and talk together.

Restaurants in Co To

Co To lighthouse - the eye of the sea
Co To lighthouse – the eye of the sea-source:

Restaurants and catering services in Co To are among the main concerns of tourists. According to experiences of the ones who have travel Co To recently, guests should have their meals in family where they are having a homestay since home cooking often tastes better and cheaper in comparison with meals in restaurants. In addition, when you contact the hostel, it is suggested to ask about eating.

Above is an informative article that would be very beneficial for you if you are planning to have a short vacation in Co To – one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

It is time for gathering family members
It is time for gathering family members-source:

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