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Which is the best time to go to Vietnam is one of the first questions that comes to mind of all travelers on planning their trip to this beautiful country. “Will that be the best time to visit the country” is all of a sudden the question creating new nerves when coming the time for holiday and vacation. Actually, even if you find or ask for advice on which the best time to visit the country, opportunities are that not all of you are able to plan it exactly as following these advices. Indochina tours

Nice weather
Nice weather – source:

Keep you calmer by knowing that any time can be a good time for traveling in Vietnam. Representing different weather patterns from North to South, the opposing monsoonal season will give an advantage each time in the year. However, everyone has a preference: some cannot tolerate the scorching heat, some prefer to meet the people on enjoying the rich culture while others want to be in a non-crowded area. For this reason, each month or season in Vietnam will meet not all but one of these expectations.

Spring from February to April and autumn from August to October is regarded as the best time to visit Vietnam. During that time, the temperatures are more pleasant though still cool in the far north and there are fewer rainfalls across all destinations. North Vietnam travel tours

Mountainous Far North ( Sapa, Ha Giang, Bac Ha )

Bac Ha
Bac Ha – source:

Sapa and other province in the Vietnam’s far north-west have the climate separately divided into two seasons:  from October to late March is the dry season while from April to September is the time for the wet season. In December and January, it can get very cold especially at night. Sapa is the only place where you can see snow falling in the tropical climate Vietnam.

From October to April, during the dry season is thought to be the best time to travel in the north-east province like Ha Giang even though it can be very cold in December and January. It is advisable not to go to Ha Giang from May to September during the rainy season.

From September to November and from March to May are the best months to go trekking in Sapa and the northwest with many advantages like daytime temperatures ranging from 15-28°C while the temperatures at night from 10-18°C. It is possible to go trekking and cycling all year round, but you also should plan your trip as the summer can be rather wet and the wintertime rather chilly.

Hanoi and North Vietnam

North Vietnam
North Vietnam – source:

The capital city Hanoi and other provinces in the northern Vietnam have a distinct winter and summer season. Lasting from November to April is the cool but mostly dry winter. At that time, the temperatures average ranging from 17 to 22°C with the coldest months are January – March.

From May to October is very hot summer when the area experiences its highest rainfall and is rather humid. The months from July to September are claimed as the wettest months of the year. During these months intense weather can make it extremely difficult for junks sailing in Halong Bay although such weather is rare.

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