When to visit Halong bay

Each region has a different cultural space. It is located in northeastern Vietnam, partly west coast of the North of gulf, Halong Bay space outside the beauty of nature, and hidden beauty of legend.
1. The appropriate time to go travel to Halong?

Halong Bay in northern Vietnam, has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter obviously. The best time to go to Halong bay, the best of which will be approximately from April to December 11. The weather in these months is quite cool and pleasant. Indochina tours Vietnam

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

Although such weather it is, you can come here in the winter months of 11, 2 and May 3, and in the summer but there are so many tourists come here to rest and sightseeing, but sometimes in a crowded place is more fascinating than quite. But during the summer months from May to October, temperatures is high and you can catch the storms during the rainy season. Halong bay cruise Vietnam

When traveling Halong, visitors can go for a scenic cruise. You can watch the beautiful islands in the gulf and the floating of the fishermen on the gulf.

Along the coast of Halong Bay is the resort generally known as Bai Chay. Guests can relax and swim here. If guests prefer pristine and quiet, you can take a boat to the island of Coto for diving and watching the beautiful coral reefs.

The beautiful island
The beautiful island

Besides, visitors can’t help but look at diamond Island, a popular tourist resort in the North and most are the most beautiful islands in about of 1970 islands in Ha Long Bay. Also, this is the only island inhabited. Beach games and water such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, canoeing, parachuting, high-speed water skiing … will give you a best, funny, joyful, attractive holiday. Specially, visitors can admire and enjoy the culinary dishes in Vietnam Gardens, built in a unique style, architectural models royal reporter Vietnam 17th and 18th century.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving

Halong has huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories accompany with it. Guests may choose to visit me cave is located on north island far 14km from Bai Chay to watch the buds stalactites that formed over millions of years with many shapes and sizes.

If you prefer to go the temple ceremony, the guests visit beautiful relic. This is a ancient structure of pagodas, temple, towers and ancient trees blended with the natural landscape, the beauty of harmony mountain the wonders of harmony with ancient features of the system of traditional material.

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