Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van floating village is about 30 kilometers from tourist wharf of Halong Bay. It’s situated on a calm water area and surrounded by Van Gia lime-stone Mountain. This is the biggest and also the most famous fishing village on Halong Bay…
The village comprises 176 households with the population of 733 people. The local residents here earn money by fishing, aquaculture and tourism. The allure of Cua Van floating village is formed by peaceful beauty and unique customs in daily life. At this floating village, every living takes place on the sea and goes with the sea.
Cua Van fishing village with the majestic limestone mountains, fishing villages on the river float. The landscape here is extremely romantic and leave a distinct impression of visitors to the boat roof painted colorful pictures create a shimmering sea floating on Halong.

Cua Van Fishing Village
Cua Van Fishing Village

These things helped Cua Van fishing village became a rarity in the 16 villages still retain its beauty glamor world. The lives of the people here have not been disturbed by modern life.
Cua Van fishing village by appealing not only beautiful natural scenery, bustling life activities but also by people of all environment conscious effort to preserve. At Cua Van, floating all are very clean, tidy. People took turns rotating scavenging sailing on the sea every day, water savings reduce the amount of waste to the marine environment.
Visiting Cua Van fishing village, tourists will have chance to experience the aquatic life of local residents and explore diverse seafood. Particularly, at the occasion of wedding or celebration, tourists can enjoy the performance of traditional music called “hat gheo” and “hat cheo duong” which are special form of oratorio with many endemic folk songs of Halong.

Cua Van fishing village is the location of the first floating cultural center of Vietnam, which exhibits hundreds of archaeological objects including fishing facilities of ancient Vietnamese people, many pictures and documentary films about live on Halong Bay in the past and at the present.
How to come and visit Cua Van floating village:
If you want to have one tour to explore Lan Ha Bay and the fishing village, you can follow the schedule comes from Beo wharf or Monkey Island Resort (Monkey Island) to visit Lan Ha Bay (Van Boi island, Bai Boi island, Ba Trai Dao area then visit Cua Van fishing village). After lunch on the boat, you will return to visit Viet Hai fishing village in Catba national park. You should choose biking or riding bicycle to visit the village because the scenery was beautiful on the two sides of the road. After visiting Viet Hai village , you can go swimming at the beach on Monkey Island then return to Monkey Island Resort to play and relax at the resort or if not, the boat will take you back to the Ben Beo harbour to come to Catba town center.

Nowadays, as the development of tourism in Halong bay, tourism sevices at Cua Van floating village are also developed along with improvement in living standard.

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