Halong Bay Travel Guidelines In Summer

Being one of the seven new natural wonders of the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is a glamorous travel destination for both locals and tourists. You can be easy to fall in love with the ideal spot by the richness and diversity of nature. “Halong Bay Travel Guidelines In Summer” with concise points what you need to know will help you have great time experiencing this gift of nature. For more information, you can click: Jasmine cruises halong bay

The marvelous Halong Bay waits for your exploring
The marvelous Halong Bay waits for your exploring- source: internet


Halong bay is an easy-to-go destination. You can go this alluring spot by public transportations like bus, motorbike, train. Normally, tourists often choose a bus for their trip. From Hanoi, it takes four hours to Halong. But if you are in love with adventure, you can easy to rent a motorbike to make a trip to Halong bay. The road trip from Hanoi to Halong bay is in perfect condition with uncomplicated direction. You can enjoy local time along the road by passing through Hung Yen, Haiphong and Quang Ninh. Considering your health, time to choose kind of transportation that perfect match for you. tours halong


Summer is the perfect time to make a trip to Halong bay. The weather of Halong bay is typical monsoon tropical with average temperature is over 25°C. Therefore, you should wear light clothing accompanied with sport shoes, sandals, a pair of wide angle glasses, etc. They will help you feel comfortable and easy when enjoying relaxing time in Halong.

The cozy weather in Halong Bay
The cozy weather in Halong Bay- source: internet


In summer time, Ha Long Bay is similar to other beaches with hot and sunny time, this will cause the skin deseases. To avoid sunburn, the indispensable item you should not forget is an effective suncream tube. A travel kit of personal care stuff (like shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, haircare, skin care, etc…) is a perfect choice for your trip. Although the hotel is equipped with such things but quality can not be as good as the things you prepare. A wide-angle sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat will help you enjoy sunbathing. For swimming, swimwear is the most essential item. So be prepared for yourself a perfect fit bikini or summer pants. If not, then you can go to the beach rent one. If you are a passionate about photography, the camera is a must, do not let yourself have to regret not taking the camera because it has marverlous painting scenery.

The marvelous painting scenery in Halong bay
The marvelous painting scenery in Halong bay- source: internet


Depending on the time and budget, you can choose the various itineraries fit for yourself. If you want to visit Halong bay during day, you can book an one-day tour. It is better if you can spend 3 or more days in Halong bay to enjoy relaxing time in cruise. Do not worry because you can easy to find a cruise that fit for your budget. With the development of tourism in Halong, just be sure what you want to go and consider your budget, you can easy to find a Halong tour online.

Travelling on a cruise around Halong bay is a great experience
Travelling on a cruise around Halong bay is a great experience- source: internet

Food and drinks

Halong is a long-time developing tourism area. Locals here get used to with making business than pure simple tourism. Remember to use your bargain ability when you are in Halong markets, local restaurants or try to get good deal with street vendors. If you book a tour on the cruise, you should make an advance order with food, drinks included or special require if you are vegetarian or seafood allergy.

Choose a good cruise tour filled with good food and drinks
Choose a good cruise tour filled with good food and drinks- source: internet

Halong bay is a not-to-be-missed destination in your Vietnam itinerary. This amazing spot is worth time and effort to plan. Note  “Halong Bay Travel Guidelines In Summer” in your handlist and be well-prepared to enjoy your memoriable moments in Halong bay.

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