Long Tien Pagoda, the largest pagoda in Ha Long city, Viet Nam

Halong is always a destination that attracts many tourists to enjoy beauty and explore nature. Traveling Halong, you should not miss a visit to Long Tien Pagoda which is the largest pagoda in Ha Long city. If you book a tour such as: Bai Tho cruise, Halong cruise, Halong tour, etc to travel and explore Halong, Long Tien Pagoda should be the first place on your Halong tours.

Long Tien Pagoda is located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain, Long Tien Street, the Pier Hotel in Hon Gai and is the largest pagoda in Ha Long City. It was built in 1941 to worship Buddha and generals of Tran Dynasty who had merits of the country. On the Lunar New Year, full moon day, the first of every month, Long Tien Pagoda attracts many locals and tourists who are Buddhist followers from everywhere.

Long Tien Pagoda is located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain
Long Tien Pagoda is located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain

Although the new temple was built in the mid-twentieth century, but the style is the unique architectural style of Nguyen Dynasty. The Tam Quan (three-entrance gate) includes 3 doors: Huu, Vu and Dai.  Atop of the three-entrance gate stands a statue of A Di Da, bellow it is a bell-tower. Outside of the three-entrance gate stands statue of Bo De Dat Ma, the Patriarch of Chinese and Vietnamese Zen. In bai duong and the main altar of the pagoda stand worshipping statues.  Read more: Vietnam tours

Entrance of Long Tien Pagoda
Entrance of Long Tien Pagoda

Additionally, over the sanctum yard, on the roof with transplant recipient ceramic dragons, flanked provision described property. In the main hall on the third gate, braille Nagarjuna Korea, People’s shortened called Long Tien Pagoda. In Long Tien Pagoda has many sentences, the sculpture itself is very sophisticated, demonstrating a high level of sculpture. In particular, the temple is the famous Mekong depicting nine dragons flanking the Buddha; this is the delicately carved wood. Although, in the heart of downtown Ha Long City, Long Tien Pagoda still damns purity of the ancient temple, visitors can find moments of peace when the temple sightseeing…

In addition to beauty, Long Tien Pagoda also attracts tourists with Long Tien Pogada Fesstival which is opened on the 24th day of the third lunar month. The festival involves palanquin procession which starts from Long Tien Pagoda, then Duc Ong Temple to An Duong Vuong Temple and return. Traditional folk games in the festival, such as: Chinese chess, wrestling, Chau Van singing, Cheo performance, etc.

A Cheo performance in Long Tien Pagoda Festival
A Cheo performance in Long Tien Pagoda Festival

Long Tien Pagoda is really an attractive destination in your Halong traveling. In addition to enjoy its beauty, you also have chance to study about Vietnamese culture when joining Long Tien Pagoda Festival with Chau Van singing and Cheo performance.

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