Stunning Surprise Cave of Ha Long Bay

In the middle Halong Bay, Vietnam stands the most magnificent cave in this charming bay, which named “ Surprise Cave”. As its name, the very first feelings of travellers once entering the cave full of “wow”, “unbelievable” or  “ indescribable”. No visit to Halong Bay would be complete without taking a deep insight of this wonderful cave

Sparkling rocks like unreal
Sparkling rocks like unreal

Overwhelm attraction for imaginative travellers stays in the inner space as a colorful theatre made by Mother Nature.  Despite of the first glance while visitors might think that it seems to be narrow and small one, the cave really amazes them with some more steps…one…two…three…outbursts very giant, magnificent and spectacular cave. Even travellers cannot imagine how just some tiny steps could lead them to such a heaven grotto

Like the world most wonderful cave sightseeing
Like the world most wonderful cave sightseeing

There is one legend upon the origin of Surprise Cave! Some adventures inside the cave involves shaped of a horse and a long sword. As the legend goes, Thanh Giong (Saint Giong) helped the people of the area to chase away evil spirits and demons. Saint Giong flew to heaven, leaving a stone horse and sword behind to guarantee the demons did not dare to return after that memorable time. All kinds of fantastic creatures and fanciful creations would be under your vision once coming there. It may be regretful moment in your life without dropping a visit there to enjoy the coolest feeling at all!

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