Pho- a good choice for breakfast in Hanoi

Explore Hanoi’s breakfast cuisine

Hanoi is the beautiful capital of Vietnam. Moreover, it is also one of the most ancient cities in this nation. Therefore, to explore Vietnam’s charm, you can’t help visiting Hanoi. Coming here, you will be impressed by the romantic natural landscapes, meaningful relics of history, unique Ancient Street and many famous places of interest. Moreover, […]

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The Au Co Cruise

Halong Bay for your family summer holiday

Filled with thousands of natural islands, islets and limestone Karsts, Halong Bay luxury cruise, which is simply jaw-dropping, is a must do when you are traveling in Vietnam with your kids. This charming bay might be one of your best memories and most gorgeous sights of natural beauty in your world travels!While on-board Halong Bay […]

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Cozy space of Ba Hang Fishing Village

Top fishing villages you must visit in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Jasmine cruise is a wonderful arrival which is at top destinations you have to travel in the world. Having been recognized as one of the wonders of the world, this place has demonstrated its attraction to not only domestic but also foreign tourists from a lot of countries. Visiting here, you will be shocked […]

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The gate to Tuan Chau Tourist Destination

Tuan Chau Travel Guide- a useful tool for you

Tuan Chau is one of the most popular destinations in Quang Ninh in Vietnam- a province which is called as the heaven of tourism. This is an entertainment complex which includes artificial beach for you to dip into cool water, zoos for children, leisure game for relaxing, spa, interesting outdoor activities and many other things […]

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Two burly giant chickens amazingly appear over vast waves

Trong Mai Islet – must-stop destination in Halong Bay

Thanks to its significance and its unique values of aesthetics, Trong Mai Islet, which is the symbol in not only Halong Bay tourism but also Vietnam travel guide books, is an appealing attraction that you should not miss when visiting Halong Bay luxury cruise. Trong Mai Islet can also be called with the name Ga […]

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Enjoy peaceful life at Bac Van Port

What you should not miss in Co To

Co To Island in Quang Ninh province is known as one of the most pristine beauties in Vietnam. If you have never visited Co To, you might find it hard to imagine how fascinating and charmingly beautiful this island really is. On your visit to Co To, you will not only have a chance to […]

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Azalea Cruise Halong

Best luxury cruises in Halong Bay for travelers on a tight budget

In Halong Bay, you can easily find all types of luxury cruises to suit all kinds of travelers. Treat yourself to a holiday to experience the splendor of Halong Bay Junk with all the best services offered on board whether you are on a family vacation or you are a couple going on a trip […]

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It is possible to visit Halong on your own

What you should know before going on a Halong Bay trip

From a geographical standpoint, Treasure Junk Halong Bay really is one of the world’s awesome marvels so that you can have spent 7 days or more just floating through the seas exploring the great beaches, hills and caves. However, it is not the idealize world you might have imagined, not that kind of easy. Junk […]

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fresh seafood in Halong

Wild Wonders of Cusine- Explore seafood market in Halong Bay

Apart from sightseeing the marvelous landscapes and exploring the local marine life of fishermen, enjoying the freshest seafood in Halong Jasmine cruise is one of the wonderful experiences you can’t ignore. And if you’re confident enough about your cooking skills, head to the seafood market in Halong for some best sale goods. Established in 2003, […]

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The peaceful fishing village right in Halong bay

Attractive Tourist Attractions In Halong

Every year Halong receives thousands of domestic and foreign tourists with attractive tourist attractions in Halong  Bay such as: Bai Chay, Co To Island, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave. Attractive Tourist Attractions In Halong will take you a quick tour to these beautiful spots. To get more information, you can click: Halong Dragon Pearl […]

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Trang An Complex

What to do in a Ninh Binh day trip

About 90 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh, which is famous as a choice of short getaway from Hanoi for such a long time, is emerging as one of the most fascinating destinations during your Vietnam tour. One reason why Ninh Binh deserves this title is many things to do that it has […]

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Local children are sticking together to cross the road in Saigon

How To Cross The Road In Saigon

Make the journey as smooth as you can by learning a few tips from some travel companions, who have come to Saigon a couple of times. Ready? It’s time to go through this challenge and get rid of the echoes in the brain! For more information about Saigon, you can click: Indochina travel Vietnam Avoid […]

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Find inner peace harmonizing with nature with Tai Chi exercises

Wake Up Yourself: Tai chi exercises in morning Halong cruise

Known as a bright germ of traditional Chinese culture, Tai Chi is now available on cruises, where you can stay fit and take the magical view of Halong Bay sunrise at the same time. Leave all stress and tiredness behind through the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi. It emphasizes a total relaxation of both […]

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Vietnamese fried spring rolls

Most fun cooking class in Halong bay cruise

“July” is the ideal time to spend summer on Halong Bay. That’s when we get to have a great time with other fellow passengers and gain back insights into Vietnamese’ cuisine right after. Joining a fun cooking class in Halong Bay  Pelican cruise cruise is one of the most popular things on board you just can’t […]

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Bun Dau Mam Tom is the highlight of Hanoi’s cuisine

How to eat Bun Dau Mam Tom in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which saves the cultural identity of this nation. Therefore, if coming to Vietnam, you can’t miss Hanoi in your journey. Visiting Hanoi these days, you will easily find that the “storm” of Bun Dau Mam Tom has spread strongly. The fact is that this dish are always loved by […]

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Kayaking in Halong Bay

Let’s experience a Halong Bay cruise in 2017

Summer is coming to Halong Bay cruise and it is time for you to plan an absolutely exciting holiday! Seeing the true water world of fishing village in the sunshine, kayaking among thousands limestone island or swimming in crystal water of the bay should be the best feeling in the world. Among so many cruise […]

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Chanh Sa tea in Hoian is very healthy

Enjoy Chanh Sa tea in Hoian

If you have ever googled Hoian before deciding to come there, you must have already seen pictures of a tea cup decorated with pink lotus flower petals. It is the signature drink of Hoian, namely Chanh Sa tea or simply as herbal tea sold in Mot Hoi An, a very famous tea vendor. People often […]

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A stunning view of Non Nuoc Beach from distance

All-Time Good Beaches To Visit In Danang

Summer is calling! Now start your tropical getaway at one of the most wonderful beach holiday destinations in Vietnam – Danang. This city owns a coastline of 30 km long, covering several beautiful beaches to soak up the sun and ocean breeze, making it a perfect stop for your hot summer! Just go and lounge […]

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The cost of living in Vietnam is relatively low

Living in Vietnam – an experience lives up to your expectations

Although being a rather less developed, densely populated country that has historically been accompanied with war and a punishing centrally planned economy, Vietnam can offer you a true taste of life in the East once you live here. However, it has recently become increasingly popular as a stunning tourist destination and its peaceful and unspoiled […]

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Long Bien a decade ago

Explore the life next to Long Bien Bridge

It is true to say that Long Bien Bridge is a witness of Hanoi. Since the day it was built, the bridge has stood there, side by side, hand in hand with the capital, come rain or shine, come war or peace, come bomb or flower, whatever happens. This bridge has been the home for […]

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