3 best cafes for admiring the sea in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is not only well-known for picturesque coastlines and delicious seafood dishes but also famous for its seaside cafes which can impress travellers even with only once visit

1.     Sao Bien Café

Topping this list must be Sao Bien Cafe (Starfish Cafe) on Dang Ba Hat Street – a curved road linking Bai Chay Bridge to Hong Gai wards. The cafe has 5 floors with the ground floor located deeply in a small alley while the 5th floor situated high on the hilltop so that traveller can enjoy panoramic views of Cua Luc River’s all sides. Sitting on a chair in Sao Bien cafe, you can see the curved Bai Chay Bridge crossing the river’s two banks and villas as well as beachfront hotels, Bai Chay beach with colorful umbrellas flying in the air. It is even more interesting since you have a chance to sip a cup of coffee in a summer morning while watching the boats is being docked and local fishermen selling their fruits of labor under the green coconut trees. Halong bay cruise

Sao Bien Café
Sao Bien Café

2.     Ha Long By Night Café

A place often chosen by young people is Halong By Night Cafe which has 2 floors with transparent glass doors overlooking the Cot 5 fishing port. If you are interested in inhaling the typical salty smell of Halong Bay, visit the cafe in the morning or late afternoon when the fish market most bustling. Travel Indochina

Halong By Night Cafe has transparent glass doors overlook a fishing port
Halong By Night Cafe has transparent glass doors overlook a fishing port

3.     Bai Chay Café

Cafes along the Bai Chay Beach are also attractive places to visit. Green palm trees, colorful flower baskets hanging high or white wooden railings, small wooden table on the porch are special features of these cafes. Bai Chay cafe with orange is the dominant color is one of the reasons for travellers to stay in Halong Bay longer

 The hanging flower baskets in the Bai Chay coastal cafe
The hanging flower baskets in the Bai Chay coastal cafe

Some people visit Halong on rainy days might sigh why the city is so boring but it seem like they have not yet discovered a fact that the city owns Halong Bay also has its own secrets. It might be a hilltop cafe overlooking the bay, pine trees in a windy summer day or a fishing village in the city appears behind the transparent glass of a small café, we call it the secret attractive of Halong Bay

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