Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise – A Journey to Tranquility

Known for its tranquil waters, pristine landscapes, and hidden gems, Bai Tu Long Bay offers a unique and less crowded alternative to its famous neighbor, Halong Bay. With fewer tourist boats and fewer crowds, you’ll have the opportunity to take a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise to immerse yourself in its serene atmosphere and unspoiled charm. Let Halong Junk Cruise team help you plan a perfect trip to this marvelous land.

Is Bai Tu Long Bay worth seeing?

In my travel experiences, a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise stands out as a worthwhile journey. It is a haven of tranquility and natural wonders:

  • Emerald waters, towering limestone karsts, and lush greenery create a breathtaking backdrop.
  • The absence of large crowds allows you for a more intimate connection with nature.
  • Explore hidden caves and secluded beaches
  • Interact with local fishing communities, gaining insights into their way of life.
  • Experience warmth and hospitality from the locals.
Bai Tu Long bay
Bai Tu Long Bay – A wonderful natural creation

What is the best time to take the Bai Tu Long Bay cruise?

Bai Tu Long Bay has quite mild and comfortable weather. Similar to Halong Bay weather, Bai Tu Long Bay weather changes during the year. Summer usually takes place from April to October with hot and humid weather. Winter takes place from November to March next year. Besides, yearly rainfall in Bai Tu Long Bay is large and its average temperature falls between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Summer is an ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay for Vietnamese people. On the other hand, foreign travelers prefer to come here in winter. From my Bai Tu Long Bay travel experience, you should not come from June to August because this time there are often rain storms. 

Unique things to do for the Bai Tu Long Bay cruise

Bai Tu Long Bay offers a variety of unique experiences and activities during a cruise.

Explore hidden gems

  • Venture into lesser-known caves and grottoes that are off the beaten path such as Thien Canh Son Cave, Ba Ham Lake, Tien Ong Cave.
  • Discover hidden lagoons and secret beaches, revealing Bai Tu Long Bay’s untouched beauty like Vung Duc Lagoon, and Quan Lan Island.

Kayak Through Serene Lagoons

  • Paddle through calm waters, immersing yourself in the tranquility of Bai Tu Long Bay.
  • Navigate narrow passages and mangrove forests, uncovering hidden corners of the bay.
  • Encounter unique flora and fauna, such as colorful bird species and elusive marine life.
Kayak when take a Bai Tu Long bay cruise
Kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay

Visit Floating Fishing Villages

  • Gain insights into the traditional way of life of local fishing communities.
  • Witness the vibrant culture and daily activities of the villagers living in floating houses.
  • Engage in authentic interactions, learning about their fishing techniques and sharing stories.
Floating village in Bai Tu Long bay
Floating village in Bai Tu Long Bay

Indulge in a Sunset Cruise

  • Capture breathtaking photographs as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a magical glow.
  • Relax on the deck, savoring the serenity and beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay during this enchanting time.

Experience Tai Chi at Sunrise

  • Begin your day with a tranquil Tai Chi session on the sundeck, harmonizing body and mind.
  • Practice ancient martial arts movements amidst the serene backdrop of the bay.
  • Feel the energy of the rising sun as you connect with the natural surroundings.
Tai Chi on Bai Tu Long bay cruise
Tai Chi on Bai Tu Long bay cruise

Enjoy a Cooking Class

  • Learn the art of Vietnamese cuisine from expert chefs onboard.
  • Participate in interactive cooking classes, where you can learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes.
  • Discover the delicate balance of flavors and techniques that make Vietnamese cuisine unique.

Our best Bai Tu Long Bay cruise

Not every cruise in the area takes a route to Bai Tu Long Bay. So here’s our list of Bai Tu Long Bay cruises: All of them can give you the most refined experience. 

Renea cruise

Renea Cruise
Renea Cruise in Bai Tu Long

This is a new cruise line launched in September 2018 and located in Hon Gai ward in Halong City. The cruises are opted for by those who are in love with classic style. It is a traditional wooden boat with 11 cabins with unique architecture and decoration. This luxury cruise will take you from the hustle and bustle of Halong Bay to the quiet and peaceful Bai Tu Long Bay.

Other than that, the food here is cooked to suit the tastes of most travelers. Also, you can join a cooking class. It is one of the fun activities that people often enjoy on a cruise. The cooking class is especially perfect for those who want to experience how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes. Chefs will not only introduce the history of traditional dishes but also teach you how to cook according to their taste.

Staff there are reviewed as friendly and supportive. All the more, the cruise arranges an exceptionally relaxing schedule in Bai Tu Long Bay. For these reasons, the Renea cruise is a good option for leisure travelers. 

>> Click here for more information about Renea Cruise

Dragon’s Pearl Junk

Sundeck in Dragon's Pearl Junk Cruise
Sundeck in Dragon’s Pearl Junk Cruise

Launched in May 2010, The yacht’s design has taken inspiration from ancient China. It has a length of 32 meters and 8 meters in width built with the best quality materials, created by the hands of skilled artisans.

The cruise is built with 11 cabins on 3 floors. Each cabin is decorated in a traditional style but is still modern with contemporary-designed windows and equipment. It has 9m2 bedrooms with luxurious wooden furniture, air-conditioning a soft mattress, and a private bathroom with a heater, shower, etc.

Dragon Pearl’s restaurant and bar have an area of 36 m2 with luxurious and cozy wooden cladding. Here is a wonderful place for you to enjoy warm, romantic meals with friends or family. Also, nature lovers can choose to sit in the outdoor dining area in front of the boat and enjoy light snacks and cool drinks.

Dragon Pearl Junk, with a bar, outdoor dining area, sunbathing area, open space, and a system of wooden stairs, is convenient for you to move at every location on the cruise, and admire the breathtaking scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Try a tour of Dragon’s Pearl Junk, you will be happy with the services and the beautiful giant picture of nature in Bai Tu Long.

>> Click here for more information about Dragon’s Pearl Junk

Bhaya Legend Cruise

Currently, the fleet consists of 8 yatches: one has 1 restroom, 2 have 2 rooms, 4 have 3 rooms, and 1 has 4 rooms. Therefore, Bhaya is suitable for both groups, couples, and solo visitors. 

It can be said that Bhaya Legend Cruise is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy a unique service, with a completely private space. The comfort of the yacht also comes from the details of comfortable furniture designed in a luxurious style. Besides, the itinerary is tailored to the unique requirements of each customer group. Therefore, you are free to create your own adventure.

Bhaya Legend Cruise
Bhaya Legend Cruise might be a great option for you to stay

What is better than being with relatives and friends to relax while admiring the spectacular natural scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay? Besides, Bhaya Legend Cruise also has many attractive activities suitable for travelers on family holidays, like Tai Chi exercise, kayaking, and visiting many destinations during the tour. This can make your holiday with your loved ones memorable. 

>> Click here for more information about Bhaya Cruise


Where is Bai Tu Long Bay located?

Bai Tu Long is a bay with a beautiful natural setting located in the Gulf of Tokin region, Northeast Vietnam. If you are wondering where you should go: Bai Tu Long Bay or Halong Bay, you need not worry as Bai Tu Long Bay is right on the southwest side of Halong Bay. Bai Tu Long Bay has an area that spans many different regions. One area belongs to Halong City, one part belongs to Cam Pha City, and the rest belongs to the Van Don Island District.

Like Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay consists of hundreds of islands of different sizes. Many of them are currently inhabited. With those many similarities, Bai Tu Long Bay is like a less famous twin brother of Halong Bay. 

Bai Tu Long Bay
Bai Tu Long Bay is right next to Ha Long Bay

How to get to Bai Tu Long Bay from Hanoi

  • By bus

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to travel from Hanoi to Bai Tu Long Bay. A bus is a fairly popular option to get from Hanoi to Bai Tu Long Bay because many buses are running this route every day. You can take these buses from My Dinh station, they will drop you off at either Cam Pha station or Cua Ong station. 

Tickets are quite cheap, at only about US$5 to US$10/person/way.

  • By Private Car

Another option is a private car via Vietnam travel companies. This option is perfectly suited for groups of 3 to 7 people. Private car companies often offer round-trip packages, whose prices vary from US$100 to US$110. In this case, a private car can be as cheap as a community bus.

If you go in a group of 4 people, it only costs about US$12.5/person/way.

  • By Shuttle Bus

If you decide to do a cruise tour, you can also take a shuttle bus to Bai Tu Long Bay. These shuttle buses are often operated by the cruise companies themselves. Normally, they will pick you up in Hanoi Old Quarter and take you directly to your booked cruise, which is convenient. Please remember to request a shuttle bus service in advance.

It costs about US$30 to US$35 per person/round trip; the price is not included in the tour package.

Note: Ever since the launch of the new Halong – Hai Phong expressway and Bach Dang Bridge, driving to Bai Tu Long Bay has taken only about 2 hours. However, please note that choosing an expressway adds an extra highway fee.

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