Halong Bay tour – an ideal choice for summer vacation

The beauty of Halong Bay has never stopped being a great inspiration for many travel bloggers all around the world. Nobody can deny the attraction to travellers of this amazing bay so if you are wondering where to spend you summer time, a Halong Bay tour is a good suggestion

 Halong Bay – an amazing destination in summer
Halong Bay – an amazing destination in summer

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay was recognized as a world natural heritage by UNESCO thanks to its spectacular beauty. The beautiful bay has long been a popular tourist attraction to not only Vietnamese but also to foreign travellers and of course, as every traveller to Vietnam, I bet you do not want to miss it, especially in a hot summer day. Tours Indochina Vietnam

 The natural beauty of Halong Bay in a hot summer day
The natural beauty of Halong Bay in a hot summer day

There are four seasons in a year in Halong Bay, spring, summer, fall and winter and in each season the bay brings a different appearance, a different beauty. There is not really a right or wrong answer to the question of which is the best time for visiting Halong but from my own feeling, Halong Bay is the most beautiful in summer and the ideal time for a Halong Bay tour is from April to June. At this time, the weather is still cool and gently sunny. As the waters temperature is ideal to swim in Halong Bay during the summer, you can try snorkel or swim from your boat or soak in the pleasant waters of stunning beaches in Halong Bay including Soi Sim beach, Tiptop Beach, Bai Chay Beach, etc. Beach activities like beach volleyball or kite flying are also very interesting in summer. Halong bay cruise

Travellers are swimming from their boat
Travellers are swimming from their boat

Moreover, hot summer days with clear views are great opportunity for travellers to enjoy the limestone in Halong Bay. Mysterious shapes of thousands of limestone islets will never be more clear and beautiful than when they are under the sunlight of the summer. One of the dispensable activities in any Halong Bay trip is discovering amazing caves which hiding deep inside islands such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave. When you entering the world of stalactite, you escape from the summer sunlight and immediately forget the hot sandy beaches outside

Summer with clear views - great chance to enjoy limestone in Halong Bay
Summer with clear views – great chance to enjoy limestone in Halong Bay

Last but not least, summer time is definitely a wonderful chance to enjoy tropical fruits and seafood in Halong Bay. Delicious mango, watermelon, banana, etc should not be ignored and also fresh and attractive seafood will be served in almost every meal when you are in Halong Bay

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