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Visitors to Quang Ninh often only know the information on Halong Bay, about caving session and ship overnight on the bay. Halong and Quang Ninh in general has many culinary specialties unique, salty taste of the sea. Indochina tours Vietnam

  1. Sticky white squid rice rolls:

White you are fuming drive away with slices of fried gold ink cumbersome to catch the eye. Get new toys from glutinous sticky rice, fragrant medium plastic medium; crispy yet chewy squid ball just Sun shot, you just eat. Those who sell fried squid Halong say the sea level but it has yet to make delicious fried squid ink is certain to be fresh, newly caught in the sea area of ​​Halong, fresh meat aroma and flavor. One retired ink by hand to fit crispy yet chewy rolls. Grilled squid very picky fire so as to keep the fried fire, not too big nor too small. Patties are delicious patties fragrant nose tingle from the start to be dropped into the oil pan. Rolls are fried until golden then take out and drain oil. Grilled squid most delicious when dipped in pure fish sauce sprinkled with pepper by like feel all the flavor.

Sticky white squid rice rolls
Sticky white squid rice rolls
  1. Squid rolls:

It is the meat pie coated on thin tang, minced meat visibility, mushrooms, black fungus inside, fly steaming aroma of shrimp paste, onion. The gripping a piece of pancake eating, enclosed little coriander, a medium ink fried patties are also hot gold cumbersome, all dipped in the sauce bowl amber red peppers crossed constant waves. The wonderful combination of familiar rolls with grilled squid Halong make a dish taste very attractive sea. Halong bay cruise Vietnam

Squid rolls
Squid rolls

Guests can taste the bread rolls at the shop near the cinema ink Bach Dang, Halong City, Quang Ninh, hours served from morning until noon; or bread rolls her ink Bank Tower Tree City, Hong Gai, Halong City.

  1. Raw Quang Yen:

From raw material is meat sea sam, people may process a lot of different dishes, such as duck blood sam, sam salad, sweet and sour stir-fried crab legs, crab fried with lemon grass, sam egg fried egg sam leaf node fried, steamed crabs, crab, breaded fried, grilled cartilage sam, sam … fried vermicelli dishes from sea crab meat is delicious, Quang Ninh visitors should not miss this specialty.


You can enjoy dishes at Town Square sam Yen, Quang Ninh or to shop on street sam April 25, Bach Dang Ward, Halong.

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